Coming Soon! Proto 3/8″ & 1/2″ Stubby Impact Wrenches

Another pair of Stubby Impact Wrenches are about to hit the market — this time from Proto!  They are releasing two versions, which will include  3/8″ & 1/2″ models, specifically designed for tight areas.

Originally considered a “novelty tool”, stubby impact wrenches are now being sought out by many as their go-to impact — due to the massive weight savings and huge power levels.  Previously we proved just how powerful the current lineup on the market actually is, as well as the different features with each.  Check that out here — Stubby – VS – Stubby ( Aircat / CP / Astro / M7 ) 1/2″ Impact Wrenches

One thing you really want to consider when purchasing a tool is “how will I normally be using this?”.  In the case of impacts, unless you are non-stop doing tire rotations, the need for the extra power (and considerable extra weight) is not necessary.  Many repairs — especially those in a tight spot like behind a brake caliper — are difficult and/or impossible to reach with a normal length impact and you typically get stuck doing it by hand.  That is not only time consuming, but requires a lot more effort on your part.

My first experience with Proto impacts was back in 2014 with their J150WP 1/2″ Impact.  The one thing that will stand out to you more than anything else, is how extremely well balanced the Proto impact wrenches are!  You can literally stand them upright on the air fitting….and they will not fall over!  It is basically perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and it does not feel awkward in your hand (meaning it doesnt want to tilt forward/backward like other impacts).

Later on we ran it against the flagship model in Ingersoll-Rand’s lineup — the brand new 2235TiMAX.  Side-by-side you can easily see the differences, and when it comes down to actual power levels — the Proto is very impressive.  Check out that comparison WITH torque testing here — Ingersoll Rand 2235 – VS – Proto J150WP (1/2″ Pneumatic Impacts)

The specs on the new Proto Stubby Impacts are impressive :

3/8″ Version – Model # J138WP-M

  • 4.4″ Long
  • 6,000 RPMS
  • 1,350 Impacts Per Minute
  • 445 ft-lbs Breakaway Torque
  • 2.9 lbs


1/2″ Version – Model # J150WP-M

  • 4.4″ Long
  • 10,000 RPMS
  • 1,500 Impact Per Minute
  • 635 ft-lbs Breakaway Torque
  • 2.9 lbs


These are scheduled to be released in February/March of 2016, and we will be completing full torque testing on them once they arrive!


Check out the full size model # J150WP on Amazon!