Werner Podium Ladders

Earlier this month in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete, we got a preview into the expanded lineup of Fiberglass Podium Ladders made by Werner.

These are a completely redesigned version of their well known stepladders that include a very unique feature — a platform.  By adding this, they not only keep you at a safe working height, they also prevent your feet/legs from hurting (like they do when you stand on a traditional stepladder step that is thin & focuses your entire body weight onto a small section of your foot).


While we were there, we asked if they would be expanding outside of the 10′ version that way displayed & tonight we saw first-hand at the local Home Center that yes they do!  On the shelf were two versions — a 9′ reach model & a 10′ reach model.  The fold up just like a traditional stepladder, but when you unfold them you quickly notice the differences.

Luckily there were not other shoppers (or employees) in the aisle, and we were able to set them up & try them out.  The main thing you will notice once you stand on one is the very large platform.  I wear size 12 shoes, and I had no problems.  The platform also allows you to turn around 360 degrees to work from any angle — something that was always limited with a traditional ladder of aiming straight ahead (and turning your body side-to-side).

In addition to this, the traditional “top step” has been replaced with a curved bar — not only to form-fit to your body, but also doubling as a storage area for tools/nails/etc.

If you are in the market for a ladder — prior to buying a regular stepladder, make sure to check out these new platform ladders from Werner — you will thank me later.


Click here to get the 9′ Reach version (250lb Capacity) at Home Depot

Click here to get the 10′ Reach version (300lb Capacity) at Home Depot


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