Milwaukee® Introduces M12™ and M18™ LED Lantern/Flood Lights with TRUEVIEW™

Milwaukee® Introduces M12™ and M18™ LED Lantern/Flood Lights with TRUEVIEW™

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool continues its tradition of providing solutions that maximize productivity with the introduction of the M12™ and M18™

LED Lantern/Flood Lights. Delivering the best combination of brightness and light quality, the new high definition lighting solutions feature a 180º-360º adjustable beam design that allows users to select between area lighting and task lighting for maximum versatility.

“These products are incredibly versatile,” says Tom Simeone, Director of Marketing for Milwaukee Tool.  “Between the adjustable pattern and high intensity light output, the LED Lantern Flood can replace several lights in a given environment.”

Equipped with TRUEVIEW™ High Definition features, these LED lights utilize the most advanced lighting technology to deliver a consistent beam and a true representation of colors and detail, leading to a more productive work area. The 2362 and 2363 also deliver best in class light output with over 400 and 700 Lumens, respectively. On a single charge, the new lights can illuminate an area for up to 75 hours on low and up to 9 hours on high.

A rugged design and impact resistant lens allow the new lights to withstand abusive jobsite conditions, and both models offer a lifetime warranty on the LEDs. As an added value to the user, each light also includes a high power 2.1A USB port to charge tablets, smart phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices.

Powered by Milwaukee RED LITHIUM batteries*, the new TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Lighting Solutions are compatible with their respective M12™ or M18™ cordless systems, now offering over 100 power tool products combined.

*batteries sold separately. M12 units are powered by M12 batteries, and M18 units are powered by M18 batteries.



M18™ LED Lantern/Flood (2363-20) Coming October 2014

700 Lumens on high and Strobe, 350 Lumens on Medium, 70 Lumens on Low

29m beam Distance

11-1/2” Length

1.2 lbs.


M12™ LED Lantern/Flood (2362-20) Coming October 2014

400 Lumens on high and Strobe, 200 Lumens on Medium, 40 Lumens on Low

23m beam Distance

11-5/8” Length

1.0 lbs.


Additional TRUEVIEW™ Model Options

M18™ LED Stick Light (2352-20) Coming October 2014

M12™ Stick Light (2351-20) now available

M18™ LED Flood Light (2361-20) now available