New Bosch Flashlight Delivers Unrivaled Illumination, Versatility and Runtime


New Bosch Flashlight Delivers Unrivaled Illumination, Versatility and Runtime

 Brand expands its 12V Max breadth of line with Bosch FL12 LED Flashlight
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Mt. Prospect, Ill., November 3, 2014 – Let there be light – and lots of it!

The introduction of the new Bosch FL12 LED Flashlight guarantees more light on the job than ever before. With 10 high-intensity LED lights, five methods of hands-free tool positioning and more than six hours of runtime on a single charge, the FL12 LED Flashlight provides pros with unmatched illumination, versatility and runtime.

“A good flashlight can make all the difference on the job,” said John Rose, Bosch product manager. “And we have a good one with the FL12. It offers what pros want most, bright light and maximum hands-free flexibility.”

 Best-in-Class Brightness and Illumination

The latest addition to the 12-volt Max cordless line-up, the Bosch FL12 LED Flashlight delivers best-in-class brightness and illumination at 330 Lumens to light up a broad workspace.

“Electricians, plumbers and HVAC installers who may be working before power is turned on can use the FL12,” said Rose. “It can serve as a complete light source.”

Special technology pulls heat away from the LED bulbs, so the tool remains cool to the touch even after hours of use. Use of LED lights also allow for a long tool lifetime and high durability.

Unrivaled Versatility

With five ways to position the tool for the best possible illumination of the work space, the FL12 ensures users’ hands are free for other tasks.

Positioning options include:

·         Built-in tool stand to position on a flat surface

·         Carabiner for hanging on conduit, small pipes or clothes

·         Strong magnet to attach to ferrous surfaces

·         Hook for attaching to a nail on a work wall or truck hook for transport

·         A 1/4-inch tripod mount (the only 12V Max tool to offer one)


In addition, the tool articulates 200 degrees for easy adjustment to the ideal angle.

At just .65 pounds and 5.5 inches x 2 inches x 2.7 inches in size, the FL12 is one of the most compact flashlights on the market, making it ideal for getting into tight workspaces and to easily store and transport.

Superior Runtime

The FL12 is designed to put in a full day’s work, just like its users. Compatible with Bosch 12V Max batteries, the FL12 delivers more than six hours of runtime on the tool’s high setting with a 2.0 Ah battery and more than 12 hours of runtime on the tool’s high setting with a 4.0 Ah battery. When the dim function is used, runtime doubles.

Users are not limited to jobsite pros. The FL12 is the perfect off-the-job light for camping, hunting or projects.