Cars cars cars… SEMA 2014

This year was our first year attending SEMA and AAPEX and needless to say, we had an absolute blast!  There was so much to see we know we didn’t cover it all… but there’s always next year with a new strategy in mind to conquer the events 🙂

If you are into cars… SEMA is definitely where you outta be!   Vintage classics restored to brand new models, there is something for everyone to enjoy… we loved watching the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang Cobras, Saleens and Roush doing burnouts. ( Don’t worry we’ve captured tons of video footage which we plan on posting online soon!)

In the meanwhile .. take a sneak peek at just a few of some of the awesome cars we got to see in person! (Just in case you were wondering… we have tons of tool photos too and got to see some featured items as well… which we plan on sharing in the near future.)

There are more photos at   (our Realtoolreviews google+ site)