Knipex Minis (5″ Cobras & 6″ Pliers Wrench) 00 20 72 V01 – MADE IN GERMANY

Carrying on the tradition of top quality pliers, Knipex has decided to couple two of their most popular pliers into one very useful set.  In this video I will show you first hand the ins-and-outs of the Knipex Minis — the two smallest sizes of the Pliers Wrench & Cobras.

Despite the very small size, functionally & cosmetically both pairs are identical to their larger counterparts.  The operation of them is still as simple as pressing in the adjustment button and sliding them open and closed to your desired setting.  Once you let go, they are locked in place & ready for work.

The nice thing about this particular set, is the fact that Knipex included a nylon carrying pouch at no extra charge with a sewn-in belt loop.  For the technicians on the go, this is an excellent idea since you can keep both pairs on your side & will always have them at arms length when you need them.

Although both pairs are extremely useful, they are completely different.  The Cobras will literally “lock on” to a fastener & not let go — allowing you to remove the most stubborn, seized, or corroded nut or bolt with ease.   The Pliers Wrench has a very unique design that will not mar the surface of fasteners due to it’s flat jaws (no teeth) & they have a cam action which literally gives you a 10-to-1 power increase & they close evenly when you clamp down on something.  This will keep them in place, they will not slip, and you will be able to do things like straighten sheet metal, press in bushings, or even do everyday things like tighten plumbing fittings with ease.

The Knipex Minis are a great set to have on your side, in your truck, or even at home in the toolbox.  Because of their extremely small size & unique features, they will definitely have some huge advantages — despite being so tiny.

These are 100% Made in Germany & carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects through Knipex!

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